In the `Connemara,` there are lots of sheep, and it’s very bumpy. Oh, and by the way, the sheep are angry, because giant colourful things with owners inside go on their road. At least that’s what they think, but it’s actual cars with us inside. Us means humans (I’m saying this because an alien might be reading this). The sheep always kept together. Well, at least until an ordinary sheep got lost. This is his story.

Bernard the sheep decided to walk beside `Lake Nochman.`

The biggest lake in the `Connemara.`it was 2440km2 (big isn’t it).

He went down there a lot it was where no sheep dared to go, but he thought that was silly.

Anyway, it was still in sheep grounds.

Next to him was the giant `Diamond Hill.`

He wished he could go up there so he could eat the tasty ants crawling about.

Suddenly, a huge rock fell and Bernard jumped.


He’d fallen into the lake.

He swam the fastest he could ever swim.

Then when he got to the bank “Where the heck am I?” he thought.

He looked everywhere for the farm, but it wasn’t in sight.

Then an owner came with a sword “NO!!!” Bernard thought.

“Baaaa!” he said, but when he opened his eyes he was with the other sheep.

“It was just a dream,” he thought.

The Sheepy End

Story By Hugo d’Aquin. Images By whisky&coJoel Sowers and Tom Fahy

Once upon a time a sheep was lost.

He was in a dark cave but that wasn’t its home.

So he decided to travel the world.

First he went to London, he liked the museums.

France was better than London and he missed his home.

In Spain it was nice and hot and he liked the sea in Spain.

He went to London, France and Spain.

He went to Galway and found his home.


By Chloé d’Aquin

Images by Dani Mettler and cosmo_71