The Magical Adventure Of The Slithering Stupid Snake

  Once, a long time ago, a fully grown snake went out in the forest to find food for his babies. A couple of miles from the edge of the forest he found a wild boar. He crept up on it (well for us, slithered up to it) in the red and brown leaves. The boar turned his head round, as it had heard a crackling sound. Luckily, the snake hadn’t got spotted (well not luckily for the wild boar), so he kept on going. In a second you might not want to read as… …OK the snake bit the wild boar with his mighty poisonous teeth. “But, where am I?” would have thought the snake if he wasn’t stupid as instead he (actually) thought “Mm there might be more food here,” and before that “Where’s the wild boar?” Oh, and I forgot to tell you, he was falling in the portal that leaded to happy country which is a little… sorry, a giant country in grumpy planet. There were sort of flashing lights which the snake thought were the ssssign of nothingnessss (because of his stupidity), but were actually shooting stars (scientifically, falling meteors). Yes shooting stars!   “Phew!” […]


Ssssshhh…. Winter has been tough! The biting cold was specially hard for cold blooded things like me. But spring has now come and brought with it yet a new bunch of offsprings. At least Hunting is not a vain task anymore. As I move through the woods, slowly — some would say sneakily, I wonder what this day will bring to my fangs. Warm blooded animals get foolish at this time of the year… Oh! Here it is! A wild boar! It might be quite a bit too big for me, but I can kill it now and bring the kids for a meal out later — my poison is always ready! I approach… not too quick so not to frighten it, but I’m not worried: These things are stupid! He could not even see me if I started dancing in front of him! I have no legs for dancing anyway. I get a bit closer by pretending to be still, but moving. Now I stop. I like to wait a bit, see the enormous beast in front of me live its last moment, unaware that fate will fall on him any second now. (fate is not my name, by […]

Zebra class

The Zebra Spots

Once upon a time, there was a zebra with black and white spots instead of black and white stripes. Unfortunately, he had had them since he was born. Yes, since he was born! So on his third birthday (in Zebra age), and his first day to school he got bullied quite a lot, because of his spots! Of course, he knew that no matter your appearence, you can always be friends. You obviously see that he told his parents (well he could  have told his teacher). And guess what his parents said? Well they said “tell your teacher she can help and we can’t.” Then he said “you just did.” The next day he went to school and told his teacher, but went back home as he was too sad. And that day his teacher told all the children what he had said, but unfortunately they said they wanted to hear it from his own mouth. So the next day the teacher told him what had happened and he did tell them. And they happily all became friends. By Hugo d’Aquin Image from John and Melanie (Illingworth) Kotsopoulos