Writing is fun and creative. It requires concentration and care. And there has never been a better time to get into it, as it is becoming easier and easier to focus on the writing, rather than on all the things that are required to get what is written to be read by others. In this page, we share links to other things were our writing is, or that talk about writing.

Writing.ie is an online magazine site for writers and readers of all ages. It contains lots of resources and news for whoever is interested in writing in Ireland, and elsewhere.

Amazon KDP: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to publish a book on Amazon, both as a Kindle eBook and as paperback, for free, without any intermediary.

Kill Your Amazon book coverKill Your Amazon is a short story (~17,000 words) written by Mathieu as a way to test Amazon KDP. It tells the story of Frank and Alex, two very different people who are get together to do something impossible: Turn Off Amazon. Here is an extract below:

Frank felt like he should have felt insulted at this point. She was telling him that he was being manipulated. That, not really using the sweet-talk and snake-like charm of the usual marketers, Amazon had got him exactly where they wanted. That he could live without them, and still needed them to live. That he had been pushed into an addiction.

He wanted to respond. He wanted to show her that it was wrong, that he was rational, that his use of Amazon was his choice based on good reasons. He wanted to, but couldn’t. He did not have any argument. So, unusually for him, he kept the silence going until she was the one to break it.

“That’s what I’m trying to do here, with all those machines. I want to find a way to make people understand that they don’t have to use those things. That it might even be better without them. Have you heard about light pollution? Lighting in the street is quite convenient. Some would say it is necessary. But there are people, scientists, who believe that we should turn them off, at least once in a while, so that people can remember what the sky looks like. Maybe the same should be done with Amazon.”