In the `Connemara,` there are lots of sheep, and it’s very bumpy. Oh, and by the way, the sheep are angry, because giant colourful things with owners inside go on their road. At least that’s what they think, but it’s actual cars with us inside. Us means humans (I’m saying this because an alien might be reading this). The sheep always kept together. Well, at least until an ordinary sheep got lost. This is his story.

Bernard the sheep decided to walk beside `Lake Nochman.`

The biggest lake in the `Connemara.`it was 2440km2 (big isn’t it).

He went down there a lot it was where no sheep dared to go, but he thought that was silly.

Anyway, it was still in sheep grounds.

Next to him was the giant `Diamond Hill.`

He wished he could go up there so he could eat the tasty ants crawling about.

Suddenly, a huge rock fell and Bernard jumped.


He’d fallen into the lake.

He swam the fastest he could ever swim.

Then when he got to the bank “Where the heck am I?” he thought.

He looked everywhere for the farm, but it wasn’t in sight.

Then an owner came with a sword “NO!!!” Bernard thought.

“Baaaa!” he said, but when he opened his eyes he was with the other sheep.

“It was just a dream,” he thought.

The Sheepy End

Story By Hugo d’Aquin. Images By whisky&coJoel Sowers and Tom Fahy

Hey kids, and even adults, the truth is that Santa exists. Oh, and I know this because I am his Christmas tree.

And what do I have which is special?

You guessed it right, I am magic (well I am an unusual Christmas tree).

I have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth…

Plus I have the same magical powers as Santa.

Yes, he lives in the North Pole alright.

Oh, and just to tell you the trees in the North Pole were growing faster than usual yesterday, and today as well (P.S. keep this a secret).

Don,t get soooooo worried, I’m sure it’s just one of Santa’s tricks (this means he will stop it). Well anyway, if it doesn’t stop by tomorrow it is not him (I repeat NOT HIM)!

Anyway it is 21:00 so he better be quick to stop it.

I’ll go to sleep…

Oh no!

The trees are still growing very quickly.

Plus, I just remembered he has gone out to Hawaii with Mrs Christmas (annoying).

Now I have to find him or her.

I’ll search the house first.

Hmm, not in here.

I’ll have to search the entire North Pole, if not the whole Arctic.

And even other countries.

Then the whole entire earth.

That will be hard I’ll take ff…Well no I can just make things appear if I need to.

Oh well, off we gooo!

I’ll go through the trees, as there might be a cave which he might be in.

There! A cave!

No, not in there.

Actually, maybe he is in there, as there is a tunnel.


Should have known; he’s an old friend of Santa’s and always wanted nature to grow quicker.

Santa gave him the power of nature.

“Saee!” (that is my name) exclaimed Jack. “Come with me to visit Santa.” I quickly call Santa.

“Come on then, Santa’s home.”

Santa's House

When we arrive to the Christmas house Santa is kissing and waving.

But when we get inside he is angry and shouting at Jack.

I think Jack stopped it.

Santa took the power away from Jack and congratulated me for doing such a good detective job.

By Hugo d’Aquin

Images by Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 21 Million views) and Chris Wild

I’ve got it! Oh; I’ll just tell you what happened.

I was quietly walking around in Madrid searching for my enemy spy  (even though she hadn’t been seen for a month). Shush; my sister (Chloe) knows it’s her.

When suddenly; I see a poster saying: “Somebody has stolen ‘The Mona Lisa’ from ‘The Prado Museum’. “Of course it said it in Spanish, but at the bottom it said “The trail is following a villain with the name of Chloe, get her for 500 million pound or euro as she has stolen many priceless things.”

And I knew she would not do that, but I still kept searching for her.

After 15 minutes of searching,  I became very tired; so I went back to my hotel (‘El Museo Del Prado’). At ‘El Museo Del Prado’ I went to floor 200 room B where I went to bed. I was asleep in 10 seconds; while I was sleeping I had a nightmare that I found ‘The Mona Lisa’ in my hotel room and next to it was Chloe lying on the floor and…


Guglielmo a.k.a. ‘The Terror’; he has ‘The Mona Lisa’ and everything else; NOT CHLOE!

When I woke up I saw a bottle which had contained the reality dream potion…

Chloe had left me a clue!!!

This is good, as I used to be a friend of his so I have his telephone number “0699231 5568732” (beep beep beep beep!).

“Hi, how are you Guglielmo?”

“I’m OK, how about you?”

“I’m good, can I come to your house?”


“Cool. How old are you now?”

“25. And you?”

“25, as well. Bye!”

“Stopping call (Beep)”

OK, now I had to rest.


That’s what happened when I called him, but wait.

“Bvvvvv bvvvv bvvvv”

“Hello! It’s me, Guglielmo, meet up at Hotel Albania Friday night 24:00. OK?”

“OK Guglielmo, and bye.”

“Stopping call (Beep)”

So on Friday night at 24:00 I go out through the crowd in Madrid.

Then I see `Hotel Albania` and go in.

Guglielmo is already here so I go to get him.

He says “Go to room 500 floor 999.”

So I go there where I see… nothing!!!

I go searching around and I find the `Mona Lisa` in the ceiling and this is when I say “I’ve got it!”

OK so now where is Chloe?


There she is, in the cupboard!

Oh; Guglielmo has heard me say “I’ve got it” He is sending security guards on me.

I have found the other objects.

I grab them and jump out of the window.

Yes I’ll do that.

“Yahhoooooo! Splash!!!”

I’ll run now and tell the police.

Now, I am at the police office

“Hola Bla bla bla”

I say some other things but I do not know what.

I still need to get Guglielmo…

By Hugo d’Aquin

Images by CameliaTWU and Antonio Marín Segovia

This is the story of a bearded rat named Ron.

One day he was walking on a bridge called Caillo Sainto Leonardo.

This bridge is a very famous and beautiful bridge placed in the center of Madrid, and which the football team Real Madrid go on every single day.

Well anyway, he was walking on the bridge when the team captain Ronaldo ran on then off…

Now the whole football team!

Real Madrid


You think you are lucky to see the whole Real Madrid football team…

Well, Ron wasn’t lucky, as this is what happened next.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!” he was falling into the river, and bearded rats can’t swim.

Luckily, he had time to activate his invention rat boat by pressing 2 buttons on his backpack.

Oh, yes and I forgot  to say Ron was an inventor.

The only bearded rat inventor…

And possibly the only rat inventor.

Well anyway, now he had landed and was floating rather quickly so he turned around to see a waterfall.

It was too late, he had fallen…

Wait where was he.

It looked like rat hell to him.

But no it couldn’t be…

It was the Devil Rats House.


He had to run and hide.

I mean he couldn’t be.

It doesn’t exist.

He checked by pinching himself that it wasn’t a dream…

Nope, it wasn’t a dream.

Not at all!

He went up to the waterfall and tried to get out by pushing then jumping.

Did not work.

It was bizarre.

“Must be some kind of force field” thought Ron.

Wait what was happening to the table…

He woke up in his bed.

It was a nightmare.

“P.H.E.W. phew!” thought Ron.

It was a nightmare.

But was it…


By Hugo d’Aquin

Images From jans canon and Jan S0L0


Once, a long time ago, a fully grown snake went out in the forest to find food for his babies.

A couple of miles from the edge of the forest he found a wild boar.

He crept up on it (well for us, slithered up to it) in the red and brown leaves.

The boar turned his head round, as it had heard a crackling sound.

Luckily, the snake hadn’t got spotted (well not luckily for the wild boar), so he kept on going.

In a second you might not want to read as…

…OK the snake bit the wild boar with his mighty poisonous teeth.

Baby Snake

“But, where am I?” would have thought the snake if he wasn’t stupid as instead he (actually) thought “Mm there might be more food here,” and before that “Where’s the wild boar?”

Oh, and I forgot to tell you, he was falling in the portal that leaded to happy country which is a little… sorry, a giant country in grumpy planet.

There were sort of flashing lights which the snake thought were the ssssign of nothingnessss (because of his stupidity), but were actually shooting stars (scientifically, falling meteors). Yes shooting stars!


“Phew!” of course you think he thought when he arrived at happy country. Well no! He thought “I wish I was back in the… thing. Yes that is what he thought!

A few minutes after he had thought that, he went off trying to find the forest, which he found 3 hours later.

And here he goes back in the portal he came from.

Now, he found the boar and took it back to his den where his children and he ate happily together.

By Hugo d’Aquin

Images from Peter Miller and Chris Luczkow

Once upon a time, there was a zebra with black and white spots instead of black and white stripes. Unfortunately, he had had them since he was born. Yes, since he was born! So on his third birthday (in Zebra age), and his first day to school he got bullied quite a lot, because of his spots! Of course, he knew that no matter your appearence, you can always be friends. You obviously see that he told his parents (well he could  have told his teacher). And guess what his parents said? Well they said “tell your teacher she can help and we can’t.” Then he said “you just did.” The next day he went to school and told his teacher, but went back home as he was too sad. And that day his teacher told all the children what he had said, but unfortunately they said they wanted to hear it from his own mouth. So the next day the teacher told him what had happened and he did tell them. And they happily all became friends.

By Hugo d’Aquin

Image from John and Melanie (Illingworth) Kotsopoulos