This a site is for stories from (us) Hugo, Chloé and Mathieu d’Aquin. Different stories for different ages, but all fantastically fantastic! We write these stories based on a story game we play. And this is how we play it: one person chooses the main character, the other one chooses what happens to the character at first + the setting (the settings if more than one). Within this we both write a story. Simple isn’t it! You could try if you wanted to. Make your own site and everything. This site is for reading story’s so it might be useful for teachers as well as parents. The teachers could use it for their classes, as well as play the game. Parents could use it if they do not want to spend money for book’s for there kid. They could also use the game as it is very amusing and fun.

Page written by Hugo d’Aquin 

Image from Pedro Ribeiro Simões



Unless otherwise specified, stories written by Hugo and Mathieu on this website are available under the CC-BY-NC licence, which basically means that you can copy and use them as much as you want, but under the conditions that you don’t make money out of it (to simplify) and that you always indicate who is the author of the story and that it comes from this website. For example, if you copy a story by Hugo on your own website, you should include something like “Story by Hugo d’Aquin, from”, or if you use some part of one of Mathieu’s stories, say, for a postcard (strange idea, but why not?), you should include on the postcard something like “Text by Mathieu d’Aquin, from”.

We often use other people’s images on this website, and they are therefore not covered by the same conditions as above. We tend to use images from Flickr that are also available under a Creative Commons licence. We do our best to respect the terms of their licences and link back to the original image on Flickr. Please do let us know (e.g. in a comment) if you find any problem with those image, and refer to the original author and licence if you wish to reuse them.