Rat In Water

This is the story of a bearded rat named Ron.

One day he was walking on a bridge called Caillo Sainto Leonardo.

This bridge is a very famous and beautiful bridge placed in the center of Madrid, and which the football team Real Madrid go on every single day.

Well anyway, he was walking on the bridge when the team captain Ronaldo ran on then off…

Now the whole football team!

Real Madrid


You think you are lucky to see the whole Real Madrid football team…

Well, Ron wasn’t lucky, as this is what happened next.

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!” he was falling into the river, and bearded rats can’t swim.

Luckily, he had time to activate his invention rat boat by pressing 2 buttons on his backpack.

Oh, yes and I forgot  to say Ron was an inventor.

The only bearded rat inventor…

And possibly the only rat inventor.

Well anyway, now he had landed and was floating rather quickly so he turned around to see a waterfall.

It was too late, he had fallen…

Wait where was he.

It looked like rat hell to him.

But no it couldn’t be…

It was the Devil Rats House.


He had to run and hide.

I mean he couldn’t be.

It doesn’t exist.

He checked by pinching himself that it wasn’t a dream…

Nope, it wasn’t a dream.

Not at all!

He went up to the waterfall and tried to get out by pushing then jumping.

Did not work.

It was bizarre.

“Must be some kind of force field” thought Ron.

Wait what was happening to the table…

He woke up in his bed.

It was a nightmare.

“P.H.E.W. phew!” thought Ron.

It was a nightmare.

But was it…


By Hugo d’Aquin

Images From jans canon and Jan S0L0

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