Connemara Trail

It is such a beautiful morning in Connemara. All mornings are beautiful in Connemara. It could rain, it could be cloudy, there could be a storm, and yes, sometimes, we could even see the sun, just there, pointing a little beam of light from behind a cloud. The sun! Who cares about the sun? Always trying to sneak in, to hide our beautiful clouds from view. Those white, grey, black shapes of fluffiness. Just like us. Some of the old ones say that clouds are what sheep become when they die. I don’t believe that. I think clouds just live there, in the sky. They don’t need to have been something before. We have never been something before, I think, so why should they? I think clouds are just the sheep of the sky. I like doing this. Staying in the middle of our field before anybody else has even noticed that the day has restarted, watching how the world lights up, changes colours, seeing what the clouds are up to when they wake up, munching on some grass. I always turn towards the huge pointy rock. The old ones say that the humans call it “diamond hill”. The say it […]

An Ordinary Sheep

In the `Connemara,` there are lots of sheep, and it’s very bumpy. Oh, and by the way, the sheep are angry, because giant colourful things with owners inside go on their road. At least that’s what they think, but it’s actual cars with us inside. Us means humans (I’m saying this because an alien might be reading this). The sheep always kept together. Well, at least until an ordinary sheep got lost. This is his story. Bernard the sheep decided to walk beside `Lake Nochman.` The biggest lake in the `Connemara.`it was 2440km2 (big isn’t it). He went down there a lot it was where no sheep dared to go, but he thought that was silly. Anyway, it was still in sheep grounds. Next to him was the giant `Diamond Hill.` He wished he could go up there so he could eat the tasty ants crawling about. Suddenly, a huge rock fell and Bernard jumped. PLOOF! He’d fallen into the lake. He swam the fastest he could ever swim. Then when he got to the bank “Where the heck am I?” he thought. He looked everywhere for the farm, but it wasn’t in sight. Then an owner came with a sword “NO!!!” Bernard thought. […]


Once upon a time a sheep was lost. He was in a dark cave but that wasn’t its home. So he decided to travel the world. First he went to London, he liked the museums. France was better than London and he missed his home. In Spain it was nice and hot and he liked the sea in Spain. He went to London, France and Spain. He went to Galway and found his home.   By Chloé d’Aquin Images by Dani Mettler and cosmo_71

Northern Lights

Christmas Shenanigan

“Someone should rather tell me what is all this shenanigan about!” He was cross… “I have all the presents to prepare, my sleigh to service, and now this! The baubles look minuscule on you now…” And I look minuscule too, I thought. “Mr. S. sir, I don’t think anybody is doing this on purpose,,,” I said hesitantly… and regretted it straight away: Big S. (that’s what we call him) was looking at me now, clearly not quite sure what to answer. And the others were also looking at me, like if I was a traitor even though I was trying to defend them. It is true that they were big enough to defend themselves, if you pardon the incongruity of this comment: I was the only Christmas tree which had not grown by 3 meters in the last 3 days. And it looked like they were not finished growing yet… Minuscule – that’s what my 1.20 meters felt like today indeed. Big S.’ air of anger and despair was slowly turning into one of resignation. “Go and see the boss”, he said, in a roared whisper, “she said something about making some anti-soup” he carried on while turning back towards […]

Christmas tree

The Tree Top Mystery

Hey kids, and even adults, the truth is that Santa exists. Oh, and I know this because I am his Christmas tree. And what do I have which is special? You guessed it right, I am magic (well I am an unusual Christmas tree). I have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth… Plus I have the same magical powers as Santa. Yes, he lives in the North Pole alright. Oh, and just to tell you the trees in the North Pole were growing faster than usual yesterday, and today as well (P.S. keep this a secret). Don,t get soooooo worried, I’m sure it’s just one of Santa’s tricks (this means he will stop it). Well anyway, if it doesn’t stop by tomorrow it is not him (I repeat NOT HIM)! Anyway it is 21:00 so he better be quick to stop it. I’ll go to sleep… Oh no! The trees are still growing very quickly. Plus, I just remembered he has gone out to Hawaii with Mrs Christmas (annoying). Now I have to find him or her. I’ll search the house first. Hmm, not in here. I’ll have to search the entire North Pole, if not the whole Arctic. […]

Mona Lisa

The Mystery Mistake

I’ve got it! Oh; I’ll just tell you what happened. I was quietly walking around in Madrid searching for my enemy spy  (even though she hadn’t been seen for a month). Shush; my sister (Chloe) knows it’s her. When suddenly; I see a poster saying: “Somebody has stolen ‘The Mona Lisa’ from ‘The Prado Museum’. “Of course it said it in Spanish, but at the bottom it said “The trail is following a villain with the name of Chloe, get her for 500 million pound or euro as she has stolen many priceless things.” And I knew she would not do that, but I still kept searching for her. After 15 minutes of searching,  I became very tired; so I went back to my hotel (‘El Museo Del Prado’). At ‘El Museo Del Prado’ I went to floor 200 room B where I went to bed. I was asleep in 10 seconds; while I was sleeping I had a nightmare that I found ‘The Mona Lisa’ in my hotel room and next to it was Chloe lying on the floor and… Guglielmo a.k.a. ‘The Terror’; he has ‘The Mona Lisa’ and everything else; NOT CHLOE! When I woke up I […]


“Bit chilly, innit?”… That’s what she said… all of what she said. I mean, she has the reputation to be rather mysterious, but nobody has seen a snowstorm for the last hundred years! And as much as my documentation from that time can tell me, this is a big one, so yeah… it is a bit chilly… She is now looking over the edge of the roof, into the void that starts where the rooftop of the “Bletchley Tower” stops. She does not even seem to notice the snow flying all around her, accumulating on her shoulders, and on her head. She does not seem to care. She likes being here — on the roof. The rumours say that the tower was built here, in Bletchley, because this is just where she use to live as a child: In a small house occupying a spot on Brooklands Road, 51 floors below us. Maybe this is what she is thinking about. And maybe she is thinking about the snow. Nobody is too sure how old she is, but she must have been a young woman the last time this happened — a snowstorm I mean. It must have been before 2034, when […]

Hugo and the Spanish Mona Lisa

“Isn’t the Mona Lisa in Paris?” asked the assistant Hugo had brought with him on his trip to Madrid. His name was Mathieu. He was a good guy… but a tiny bit thick. “There are different versions of it”, answered Hugo, “the one at the Prado Museum was made by one of Leonardo’s assistants…” “Well, the one that used to be there anyway” he added, contemplating the empty space left on the wall where the painting used to be. “The teenage mutant ninja turtle?” asked Mathieu. Hugo preferred not to answer that and just gave Mathieu a look that he knew meant that he should rather stop talking. “They didn’t take anything else. Not “Las Meninas” or all the invaluable paintings from Bosch or Goya. Just this one.” And how they did it was the tricky question. As an internationally renowned detective (and sometimes spy), Hugo had seen a lot of crimes. This one however was a puzzle — they didn’t leave a trace! The alarm didn’t go off, and it was only noticed that the painting was gone when opening the museum at 10am that morning. That was exactly why they called Hugo specially from Milton Keynes. They could not possibly […]

Rat In Water

The Terror Night Of Ron The Bearded Rat

This is the story of a bearded rat named Ron. One day he was walking on a bridge called Caillo Sainto Leonardo. This bridge is a very famous and beautiful bridge placed in the center of Madrid, and which the football team Real Madrid go on every single day. Well anyway, he was walking on the bridge when the team captain Ronaldo ran on then off… Now the whole football team!   You think you are lucky to see the whole Real Madrid football team… Well, Ron wasn’t lucky, as this is what happened next. “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” he was falling into the river, and bearded rats can’t swim. Luckily, he had time to activate his invention rat boat by pressing 2 buttons on his backpack. Oh, yes and I forgot  to say Ron was an inventor. The only bearded rat inventor… And possibly the only rat inventor. Well anyway, now he had landed and was floating rather quickly so he turned around to see a waterfall. It was too late, he had fallen… Wait where was he. It looked like rat hell to him. But no it couldn’t be… It was the Devil Rats House.   He had to run and hide. […]

BB and the river

“A beard is a pain!”, thought BB, “but what can I do, we rats don’t have shavers.” His beard, all wet, was indeed dragging him down as he was pulling himself up the bank of the river. It all started when his friends — well, you could hardly call them that, could you — decided to dare him to swing himself from the bottom of the bridge, using his long, messy beard as a rope. Yes, of course, I hear you: He could just have refused. But, you know, when you are rat, you listen to what the dominant males say. It’s like that… It’s instinct. And when you are a rat with a beard, you could forget about even dreaming of being a dominant male. No really… a rat with a beard isn’t all that common. In fact, BB was the only one he, or any rat, cat, dog, hen, mouse, cow or sheep around those parts had ever heard of. This is why his friends (again, not really an accurate description) found it funny to call him BB — the Bearded Beast: A bearded rat with a name that sounds like “baby”. It was not likely that the […]